M.D. Gunasena books are used all over Sri Lanka. We acquire and retain knowledge by active participation in the printing and publishing industry. This helps us to develop our skills. M.D.Gunasena and company has continued to educate and enlighten the nation. We strive to achieve goals. Today M.D.Gunasena and company has grown in to a group of companies. Our strength and stability is reflected by new and innovation features of our group. We carry a dynamic company culture. Our aim is to provide a superior service and to build strong relationship with our ever increasing client base locally as well as with international connections. Our employees are encouraged to achieve excellent result by dedication, commitment and loyalty. We taught the nation to read and we shall continue to serve this most meaningful task.



Our founder Malagalage Don Gunasena was the third son of Don Carolis Perera & Galpotte Kankamalage Sophaya Perera Hamine. He had his initial education at the Wewala Government School and obtained his English education at Westley College – Colombo. As he was very keen in learning the art of printing, rejoined the Boys Industrial Home and gained a thorough knowledge of the printing industry. He had the opportunity to work in the type setting and printing division of the ‘‘Dinamina’’ as it was founded by H.S. Perera. His zest and enthusiasm saw him rise to the position of compositor, at the Independent News paper this was where he earned his first salary. The next step to achieve his goal was to join the Victor Press situate at Dias place near Price Park, Where he rose to the position of manager. There he was able to reach the benchmark of perfection and professionalism. Then on the 1st February 1913, he leased out Victor Press marking his entry in to the printing industry. He acquired the Victor Press in July 1914 and started the New Victor Press. This was an important milestone in his life. He introduced new machinery and expanded the business and shifted the premises to 1st cross street in 1917 and 5th Cross Street in Pettah in 1919 respectively.

MD Gunasena

At the age of 29, in the year 1922 on the 13th day of November M.D.Gunasena married Lilian Senehelatha Perera from Grandpass. He transformed the existing business to M.D.Gunasena and Company in 1925. From there onwards, it was a fulfillment of his dreams. Today, M.D.Gunasena and company had reached the zenith in the business of printing, publishing and marketing of books in Sri Lanka.



The highly gifted creative artist G.S. Fernando designed the Gunasena Logo. It represents Gurulugomi the famous 12th century author, who is known for his prose works ‘‘Amawathura’’ and ‘‘Dharmapradeepikawa’’. This logo was first introduced when Martin Wickramasinghe’s ‘‘ Sahityyodaya Katha’’ was published in 1949. Since then, all Gunasena publications are adorned by this symbol. Today this trademark stands out and has gained recognition as a symbol of quality literature.


gurulu gomi logo

martin wickremasinghe


His association with M.D. Gunasena began with the printing of his second novel ‘‘Soma’’ in 1920. It was printed at the New Victor Press in fifth Cross Street. He continued to print and publish his novels with Gunasenas. The third novel to be written by Martin Wickramasinghe was ‘‘ Irangani’’. It was also printed by M.D.Gunasena. Through the years the works of Martin Wickramsinghe became synonymous with the Gunasena puplications.

munidasa cumaratunga

With his writings he created an awareness amongst the readers of the importance of true nationalistic and patriotic sentiments. His famous writings ‘‘Heensaraya’’, ‘‘ Hath Pana’’ and ‘‘ Magul Kema’’ are popular even today. These books were printed and published by M.D Gunasena. Later on, very popular novel ‘‘Magul Kema’’ was published as an English translation ‘‘ The Wedding Feast’’ by M.D. Gunasena and company.

A famous author of Children’s books had a long association with M.D. Gunasena printers. It was at the New Victor Press that his children’s poetry book ‘‘Lama Kaw Kalamba’’ was printed. With his began the many publications of V.D. Lanerolle by M.D. Gunasena and company. ‘‘Vinoda Katha’’ , a collection of interesting stories, included stories from the western classics. This popular series gave the Sinhala readers an opportunity to get a glimpse of the famous western classics.

A famous educationist, and pioneer in popularizing science amongst the Sinhala readers, had many publications to his credit. The English version of the ‘‘Dhammapadaya’’ and the ‘‘Early History of Buddhism’’ were some of the books published by M.D. Gunasena and company.
Gunapala Malalasekera

With the dawn of independence in 1948, Professor Gunapala  Malalasekera began his association with M.D. Gunasena. It was with the dawn of freedom that the Malalasekera English – Sinhala Dictionary was published by M.D. Gunasena and Company. This dictionary has been able to maintain its popularity during the last sixty years, amongst students academic and the general public.

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