Imparting knowledge Building Characters

M.D. Gunasena International School, situated in the heart of Colombo and founded in the year 2000, provides a sound education, offering both an education in the Local as well as International (Edexcel) prospectuses, to all. In line with the values of its parent company, M.D. Gunasena that completed its 100 years in Teaching The Nation to Read, we, at M.D. Gunasena International School are continuing this tradition.

M.D. Gunasena International School has an Infant, Junior and Senior school and they are equipped with contemporary computer, biology, chemistry and physics laboratories, a swimming pool, auditorium, library and sickroom. They also offer a caring environment with an educative day care centre, career guidance and proficient counseling services as well as certified medical care to its students.

M.D. Gunasena international School is, in addition, an approved Centre for Edexcel Achievement and Progression tests as well as a ratified centre for the Institute of Western Music and Speech (IWMS) examinations.

The Elementary School provides youngsters with the opportunity to develop their individual skills while enhancing interaction and group dynamics. Special emphasis is placed on the development of sensorial, tactile, mathematical and language skills. During these formative years the important philosophy of self-discipline and self-motivation is inculcated among the students of the Primary School.

The Core subject matter offered for GCE include, Accountancy, Applied ICT, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Law, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.

The speciality subjects offered for IGCSE are, Accountancy, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics, Physics Human biology Information and Communication Technology.

M.D.Gunasena International School also conducts the National curriculum in English Medium up to G.C.E. Ordinary Level.

The fundamental benefits of an education at M.D.Gunasena International School are:

  • The School was the support of a trusted parent company, M.D. Gunasena and Company (Private) Limited, with one-hundred years of service in the education sector.

  • The School offers a reasonably priced fees structure. The fees structure of the School is structured to be competitive with other schools.

  • The School has a low student to teacher ratio of 20:1 and 15:1 in the GCE curriculum.

  • The School provides individual attention with complimentary, in-house support classes that are delivered by our loyal team of competent teachers.

  • The School offers a widespread range of core curricular and extra curricular activities to choose from, with specialized teachers and national coaches at the student’s service.

  • The School is not only committed to providing knowledge but it is centred on building strong, self-confident, self-supporting and independent characters, through diverse societies like the English society, clubs, projects and sports.

  • Our School strongly believes that, an education with an avid focus on Human Values and the fostering of an individual’s social obligation is its duty when providing a sound and complete education. Teachings in Human Values are quintessentially linked to the chosen religious instruction and exist in interdependence with the spiritual study of choice. Furthermore, human qualities of compassion, understanding and love are developed through numerous, proactive (hands-on) Social and Community service projects that are conducted throughout the academic year. Such projects as these are carefully designed by a team of professionals with the guidance of a counselor to maximise the benefit to the child’s development and to society.

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