by   Premasiri Nagasinghe

Editors              P.M. Senarathna
Publisher          M.D. Gunasena & Company Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN                  978-955-21-2595-9
Pages                52

Overview :

Sangarajawatha by Premasiri Nagasinghe (Senior Lecturer)


Sinhala Department - University of Colombo


'Sangarajawatha, is an ancient epic poem. The book is the biography of Ven. Welivita Saranankara Sri Sangharaja Thero a Buddhist monk and a great personality who helped the advancement of the Buddha Susanna and the nationalist movement.  The author Premasiri Nagasinghe is currently working as a senior lecturer in the Sinhala Department in the University of Colombo Sri Lanka. In his book, the author brings the historic character to life by taking the reader on a journey that helped mold this nation.

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